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Well being advantages, makes use of, and dietary worth

Lingonberries are small, pink berries native to the Scandinavian area of northern Europe. They’re tart and barely candy, and folks use them to make jams and sauces. They include a bunch of well being advantages.

Lingonberries are wealthy in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will profit coronary heart and intestine well being. Lingonberries aren’t frequent in folks’s diets in the USA. In Scandinavia, folks accumulate lingonberries from the wild and sometimes make jams, chutneys, and sauces.

This text explains lingonberries in additional element, find out how to use them, and their quite a few well being advantages.

Lingonberries are small, tart, brilliant pink berries native to the Scandinavian areas of Northern Europe. Discovered on a small shrub known as Vaccinium vitis-idaea, they’re a member of the Ericaceae household. This household additionally contains bilberries, cranberries, and blueberries.

Different names for lingonberries embrace:

  • partridgeberry
  • alpine berry
  • cowberry
  • foxberry
  • mountain cranberry
  • rock cranberry

Though prevalent within the nordic food plan, lingonberries additionally develop in North America. They’re common in numerous candy and savory meals, together with jams, syrups, sauces, and conventional medicines.

Lingonberries are a “superfruit,” that means they’ve a wide range of well being advantages, together with:

  • decreasing irritation
  • stopping weight problems
  • stopping and treating mind getting older
  • stopping neurodegenerative issues
  • stopping illnesses

Lingonberries additionally have the very best antioxidant content material of any berries.

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Lingonberries have a tart, acidic, and barely candy taste. Some folks suppose they style just like cranberries however much less tart.

Lingonberries are additionally barely bitter, so folks hardly ever eat them uncooked.

Folks typically cook dinner and sweeten lingonberries to make them extra palatable.

Lingonberries have an abundance of well being advantages. They’re notably wealthy in nutritional vitamins, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Beneath are a number of the well being advantages of lingonberries.


Lingonberries include extra antioxidants than many different berries. Antioxidants are vital as they defend in opposition to oxidative cell harm, which may result in numerous circumstances equivalent to:

Antioxidants and plant compounds current in lingonberries embrace:

  • Manganese: It is a mineral part of a serious antioxidant enzyme often called superoxide dismutase. 100 grams (g) of lingonberries provide 139% of the really useful each day consumption (RDI) of manganese.
  • Vitamin C: 100 g of lingonberries present 12% of the RDI for vitamin C, which performs an vital position in wound therapeutic and immune operate.
  • Anthocyanins: The wealthy, pink coloring of lingonberries comes from anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant advantages.
  • Quercetin: Lingonberries are additionally wealthy in quercetin, which might cut back the danger of coronary heart illness and hypertension.

In a 2021 research utilizing mice, researchers discovered that lingonberry supplementation protected in opposition to liver harm in mice that ate diets excessive in fats.

Lowered danger of most cancers

Lingonberries are wealthy in phytochemicals and polyphenols, which can decrease the danger of most cancers by stopping tumor progress.

A 2018 research discovered that fermented lingonberry juice had an anticarcinogenic impact on oral most cancers cells, inhibiting their progress and unfold.

Additional analysis into the consequences of lingonberries on most cancers is important.

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Coronary heart well being

The excessive polyphenol and fiber content material in berries, together with lingonberries, might promote cardiovascular well being.

Anthocyanins, that are liable for the pink shade of lingonberries, might also defend coronary heart cells from oxidative harm.

Intestine well being

Micro organism reside within the intestine, enjoying an vital position in an individual’s total well being. What somebody eats straight impacts their intestine microbiota.

A 2021 research discovered that lingonberries can beneficially modify intestine microbiota and forestall irritation within the liver and fats tissue.

Continual irritation hyperlinks to varied circumstances equivalent to:

Oral well being

Lingonberries are prevalent in conventional nordic medicines to deal with oral yeast infections. Based on analysis, lingonberries will help forestall micro organism from forming within the mouth, inflicting oral yeast infections.

Weight management

Weight problems can contribute to varied metabolic issues, equivalent to sort 2 diabetes.

An older 2014 research regarded into the impact of berry supplementation on mice fed both a low fats food plan, excessive fats food plan, or excessive fats food plan supplemented with 20% lingonberry, blackcurrant, bilberry, raspberry, açai, crowberry, prune or blackberry.

Mice fed with a lingonberry complement:

  • had a decrease physique weight in comparison with these on diets with out lingonberries
  • maintained weight simpler
  • had fewer micro organism within the intestine linked to greater physique weight

Nonetheless, it’s essential to conduct related research in people to really decide the consequences of lingonberries on weight.

Together with lingonberries within the food plan could also be helpful for folks attempting to drop a few pounds. They’re a low calorie meals, with round 50 energy per 100 g. Nonetheless, many lingonberry merchandise have added sugar, which considerably will increase calorie content material.

Additional advantages

Different advantages of lingonberries might embrace:

Lingonberries include the next vitamins per 100 grams (g):

There are a lot of makes use of for lingonberries. Though superb to eat uncooked, the tart and bitter taste imply they style higher cooked or added to recipes.

Meals objects

Lingonberries are an ingredient in each candy and savory meals. They’re common in nordic diets, and objects equivalent to lingonberry jam are a staple in lots of households.

Folks can use lingonberries to make:

  • jams and jellies
  • syrups
  • purees and condiments
  • sauces for meats
  • fruit juice
  • beverage concentrates
  • wines
  • liqueurs
  • tea

Throughout heating, lingonberries’ antioxidant exercise can lower by one-third. One other technique to eat them with most well being advantages is as dried fruits.

Discover lingonberry recipes right here.

Meals coloring

The pink coloring of lingonberries comes from anthocyanins, which could be a supply of pink, blue, and purple colorings in meals.


Lingonberry is an ingredient in sure well being dietary supplements attributable to its wealthy flavonoid content material and different properties. As scientific analysis reveals the quite a few well being advantages of lingonberries, it could be a helpful ingredient in drugs that deal with:

  • UTIs
  • persistent irritation
  • cardiovascular illnesses
  • neurodegenerative illnesses
  • most cancers
  • oral well being

Lingonberries normally develop wild in forests in northern areas equivalent to:

  • Central Europe
  • Scandinavia
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Alaska

Within the U.S., folks should purchase frozen lingonberries or lingonberry merchandise on-line and in specialist grocery shops.

Folks hardly ever eat lingonberries as contemporary fruit. Folks normally forage them from the wild or harvest cultivated crops earlier than processing them.

Lingonberries might be preserved by:

  • freezing them
  • storing dry lingonberries in a sealed glass container in a dry, darkish place
  • including sugar and different elements to make jams, syrups, and condiments
  • storing them in a sugar resolution in glass jars

The benzoic acid in lingonberries means folks can decide them within the fall and retailer them pureed in a cool place with out preservatives till the next spring.

Lingonberries are small, pink berries native to Scandinavia. Additionally they develop somewhere else, equivalent to North America and Canada.

Folks use lingonberries to make jams, jellies, syrups, and sauces and they’re prevalent within the nordic food plan.

They’ve numerous well being advantages, attributable to their anti-inflammatory properties and excessive antioxidant content material. Lingonberry could also be a helpful ingredient in drugs, equivalent to mouthwash.

Folks mustn’t eat massive portions of lingonberries with out consulting a health care provider first.

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