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What’s this ‘longevity’ weight loss program, and can it actually make you reside longer?


You will have heard concerning the longevity weight loss program, and its promise of an prolonged life span – however what precisely is it and is it any completely different to different diets selling good well being?

The longevity weight loss program is a set of consuming suggestions compiled by a biochemist referred to as Valter Longo, director of the College of Southern California’s Longevity Institute. He’s identified for his analysis on the position of fasting, the consequences of vitamins in your genes and the way these might impression ageing and the chance of illnesses.

Whereas the longevity weight loss program has been focused to older adults, additionally it is advisable for youthful folks. Longo has mentioned he plans to stay to 120 by following this weight loss program.

So, what does the weight loss program appear to be?

Meals on this weight loss program are greens, together with leafy greens, fruit, nuts, beans, olive oil, and seafood that’s low in mercury.

So most meals within the longevity weight loss program are plant based mostly. Plant-based diets are typically greater in nutritional vitamins and minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants and decrease in saturated fats and salt, which result in well being advantages.

Meals which might be discouraged are an extra of meat and dairy, and people excessive in processed sugar and saturated fat.

For individuals who don’t wish to go with out dairy, the longevity weight loss program recommends switching from cow’s milk to both goat’s or sheep’s milk, which have a barely completely different nutrient profile. However there’s little proof sheep’s and goat’s milk present extra well being advantages.

Together with fermented dairy (equivalent to cheese and yoghurt) in your weight loss program, as advisable within the longevity weight loss program, is useful because it supplies a extra intensive microbiome (good micro organism) than any milk.

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Have you ever seen this weight loss program earlier than?

Lots of chances are you’ll recognise this as a well-recognized dietary sample. It’s just like the Mediterranean weight loss program, particularly as each function olive oil because the oil of alternative. The Mediterranean weight loss program is promoted and backed by a substantial physique of proof to be well being selling, lowering the chance of illness, and selling longevity.

The longevity weight loss program can also be just like many nationwide, evidence-based dietary tips, together with Australia’s.

Two-thirds of the advisable meals within the Australian dietary tips come from plant-based meals (cereals, grains, legumes, beans, fruits, greens). The rules additionally present plant-based alternate options for protein (equivalent to dried beans, lentils and tofu) and dairy (equivalent to soy-based milks, yoghurts and cheeses, as long as they’re supplemented with calcium).

Intermittent fasting

One other facet of the longevity weight loss program is the desired intervals of fasting, generally known as intermittent fasting. The weight loss program advocates consuming in a 12-hour timeframe, and never consuming for 3 to 4 hours earlier than mattress time.

Usually with intermittent fasting folks quick for 16–20 hours with a 4 to eight hour window of consuming. One other intermittent fasting possibility is the 5:2 weight loss program, during which consuming is restricted to about 2,000–3,000 kilojoules for 2 days of the week and for the opposite 5 days, consuming usually.

The proof signifies intermittent fasting might result in enhancements in insulin resistance, which results in higher blood glucose management. This could cut back your threat of kind 2 diabetes and different persistent illnesses, equivalent to coronary heart illness and weight problems.

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Keep a wholesome weight

The longevity weight loss program recommends that people who find themselves chubby eat solely two meals a day – breakfast and both a noon or night meal – plus simply two low-sugar snacks. That is to attempt to cut back kilojoule consumption for weight reduction.

Bag of crisps
Decreasing snacking reduces kilojoule consumption.
The natural crave firm/Unsplash, CC BY

One other vital facet of this suggestion is to cut back snacking, significantly of meals excessive in saturated fats, salt or sugar. These are the meals we sometimes check with as discretionary/generally meals, or ultra-processed meals. These provide little dietary worth, and in some instances are linked to worse well being outcomes.

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Eat a rainbow of colors

The longevity weight loss program recommends consuming meals wealthy in vitamins, which most nationwide dietary tips additionally advocate. This implies consuming a weight loss program wealthy in plant meals, and a wide range of meals inside every meals group.

Every color fruit and vegetable comprises completely different vitamins, so consuming a variety of colored fruit and greens is advisable. The advice to pick out a variety of wholegrains over refined cereals, breads, pasta and rice additionally displays the most effective dietary proof.

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Vegetables in a bowl
Completely different colored greens have completely different vitamins.
Howdy I am Nik/Unsplash, CC BY

Limit protein consumption

This weight loss program recommends a proscribing protein consumption to 0.68-0.80g per kilogram of physique weight per day. That is 47-56g of protein a day for a 70kg particular person. For reference every of those meals comprises about 10g of protein: two small eggs, 30g cheese, 40g lean hen, 250mL dairy milk, 3/4cup lentils, 120g tofu, 60g nuts or 300mL soy milk. That is according to authorities suggestions.

Most Australians simply eat this degree of protein of their weight loss program. Nevertheless it’s the aged inhabitants, to whom the longevity weight loss program is focused, who’re much less prone to meet their protein necessities.

Within the longevity weight loss program it is strongly recommended a lot of the protein comes from plant sources or fish. This may increasingly require particular planning to make sure an entire vary of all of the vitamins wanted if the weight loss program is lacking purple meat.

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Are there any issues with this weight loss program?

This weight loss program recommends taking a multivitamin and mineral dietary supplements each three to 4 days. Longo says this prevents malnourishment and gained’t trigger any dietary issues.

Nevertheless, many well being our bodies together with the World Most cancers Analysis Fund, the British Coronary heart Basis and the American Coronary heart Affiliation don’t advocate taking dietary supplements to stop most cancers or coronary heart illness.

Dietary supplements ought to solely be taken in your physician’s recommendation, following a blood take a look at exhibiting a deficiency in a particular nutrient. It is because some nutritional vitamins and minerals could also be dangerous in excessive portions.

If you’re consuming a wide range of meals throughout all meals teams, you might be assembly all of your nutrient necessities and shouldn’t want dietary supplements.

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The decision?

This longevity weight loss program is a compilation of many points of evidence-based wholesome consuming patterns. We already promote these as they enhance our well being and cut back the chance of creating persistent illnesses. All of those points of wholesome consuming may result in elevated longevity.

What’s not talked about within the longevity weight loss program is the significance of train for good well being and a protracted life.


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